GUAGUA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . psychotropical latin jazz
Our latest recording, 'TRES', has arrived!!!
Coming soon, check our
Toonage page for teaser cuts...
Our 2nd CD,
Psychotropical is now available on CDBaby,
See Guagua live at Radio Bean the first Tuesday of
every month. Check our Gigs page for upcoming live shows...

Guagua Psychotropical Jazz Band
Guagua logo camello
Welcome to the official guebsite of GUAGUA
the original Psychotropical Jazz band
out of Burlington, Vermont...
Our critically acclaimed debut CD, “pan frito,”
our defining second disc, "psychotropical,"
and our shiny new release "Tres"
can be heard / purchased on CD Baby
Or you can hear us LIVE at the Radio Bean
the first Tuesday of every month
or at any of our upcoming gigs
                                           Don’t miss the bus!

Camello Havana Cuba
guagua (gwa’-gwa, wa’-wa) n.(Span.) 1. (Caribbean) bus or multi-passenger van for public transport. 2. (S.Amer.) baby, infant, toddler. 3. (Cuba) percussion instrument made of hollow bamboo, played with sticks.

Guagua (gwa’-gwa, wa’-wa) p.n. 1. Burlington, Vermont-based latin jazz band, originators of “Psychotropical” jazz, named for the euphoric effect of guitar, piano and horn melodies layered over tropical African, Caribbean, and Brazilian polyrhythms.

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